Tuesday, 30 May 2017


Today at tech the year seven and eights had their new rotations. My new rotation is now Graphics with Ms Ferguson. We had to create to google drawings. The first one was all about you. We had to create a collage using image that describes you. The second drawing was all about clocks. We had to put images of all the clocks we know on that drawing.


For reading we have been looking at reduce, reuse and recycle for reading and inquiry. The activity was a summary on why landfills are bad. A summary is a short explanation of a story/ or a piece of writing you have read. summaries are good because it lets people know about a story in very small detail. Anyway I believe recycling should be embraced by anyone so we can have some positive outcomes.

Thursday, 25 May 2017


Today for Dance we had to get our peace of paper from last week then we had to warm up by doing are movements that we put on our paper least week. When we finished we had to get other peace of paper because we had to do another activity for this one we had do robots moments it looked tricky  then we had to copy them and try it our our self. 


Today for writing we did personification we did it about the days of the week like monday was the worst day of the week because it was the sart of the week and friday was the best day because it was the last day of school and I was working with Harlem and it was fun doing it but haed at the same time.

Wednesday, 17 May 2017

World of maths

On Tuesday LS2 went to World of Maths we where put into groups with LS1. Then we where introduced to Charles. He was the one that owned all of the activities that we had to do with our groups. We got told to choose an activity that we wanted to do and we chose the King of the Road. We worked as a team and collaborated when we really needed help. We tried to figure out how to beat the King of the Roads. We had to start from point A and get to point F but we had to touch every road without touching it twice. This was also my favourite one because the maths was more like strategies.

CHUNKY Challenge

For reading I made this word cloud. It was part of the chunky challenge I did. For this challenge I had to present the word I found out about. The chunk that I did this week was "est". I found out some new words while I was working through the presentation. On the presentation I had to find words that have "est" in them it was hard to find words with est. Then I had to write a simple, compound and complex sentence with a word that you have found in your list.

Thursday, 11 May 2017

Music Groups

Today LS2 had our first dance session. We were learning about warm ups. A warm up is something you do to prepare yourself for an activity. Warm ups are important to warm your muscles. We watched a video of a man doing warm ups. After we watched the video we had to go and partner up. I was working with Calvin. We had to come up with our own warm up routines.. With our partners we had to find some warm up videos online to get some ideas. We could also find some music to go with our warm up. The part I enjoyed was showing other groups our routines. I need to practice on being on time.


Today group B went down to the hall so we could do Taekwondo. Our leader was called Steven and he showed us how to do a really high kick and we had to punch fast and hard and we had to spin,change our legs toright to left. We had a really fun time with him and  we all enjoy the next eight weeks of, taekwondo.

Tuesday, 9 May 2017

Reduce Reuse Recycle

 My partners and I made this DLO about landfills in New Zealand. People are littering to much. More than one thousand bus loads of trash gets liters at least every day in New Zealand. So we read some news article   about it and we wrote down our opinions.

Thursday, 4 May 2017

Current events

For this current event task we looked at the ivory ban in China. Ivory is the tusks of rhinos and elephants. They are used for art and manufacturing. We looked at the different point of views about the ivory ban. Some people think that it is good while others hated the decision. The people who cut off the tusks are called poachers. I worked with Syils for this DLO. I think that China is doing the right thing because rhinos and elephants could become endangered.